Bagibike B10 electric bike review: the PERFECT compact urban commuter + GIVEAWAY RESULTS!!!


The Bagibike B10 electric bike is a good all around folding electric bike that packs in tons of utility into a lightweight, compact form, but still offers plenty of power, speed and range.

Bagibike has quite a few electric bikes and a few electric scooters to choose from; this one, the B10, is a solid folder that comes stock with front suspension, integrated headlight, adjustable length handlebars, rear rack and fenders. This folder is ready to hit the road and some light trails, all while carrying your gear on the rear rack.

Power — 500 nominal watts, 750 peak watts

The Bagibike B10 folding electric bike has a Bafang hub motor that offers 500 watts of nominal power and 750 watts of peak power. This motor has 80 Newton meters of torque, which helps make this bike feel quite peppy, and also helps in getting the B10 up to top speed and climb hills.

Speed  — 30 mph

The Bagibike B10 folding electric bike has a top speed of 30 mph, which can be reached using the throttle or the pedal assist, making this a class 4 electric bike. However, the B10 can also be regulated to a top speed of 20 mph, which would make this a class 2 electric bike and therefore legal to ride in more areas. 

Battery and Range — 48 volt 13 ah, 30 miles

The Bagibike B10 folding electric bike runs on a 48 volt system and has a 13 ah battery for an estimated max range of 30 miles with pedal assist. The battery is located behind the seat tube, which does make the bike a bit back heavy. The key must be kept in the battery to operate the bike, which can also cause an issue if your heel strikes the key during pedaling. Thankfully the key does fold which minimizes its footprint and makes this less likely. The battery can also be removed for charging separately from the bike.

Pedal assist sensor — Cadence sensor

The Bagibike B10 folding electric bike is equipped with a 12 magnet cadence sensor that measures the rotation of the cranks. Like most cadence sensors, there is some delay from the time the rider starts and stops pedaling to the time the motor activates and deactivates.

Display — LCD

The Bagibike B10 folding electric bike uses an LCD display located on the center of the handlebars with an independent button pad on the left side of the handlebars. This display has all the necessary information like speed, distance, battery level and more.

Frame and weight — 6061 Aluminum alloy, 60 pounds

The Bagibike B10 folding electric bike comes in one frame size and three different color schemes (black, silver frame with black tires, silver frame with red tires) and is crafted from 6061 aluminum alloy with a curb weight of nearly 60 pounds. This is quite a bit heavier than some other folding electric bikes, and much of this weight comes from the more powerful 500 watt motor, larger capacity 13 ah battery and front suspension. The single tube design keeps the standover height incredibly low and the saddle can be dropped almost to the bottom, making this an excellent choice for riders with a shorter inseam who want to keep their feet flat on the ground when at a stop. The gussets on the frame do help to reinforce it, and while this can be taken on light trails, extreme off-roading is not recommended. 

The locking mechanisms on the B10 feel sturdy, and within seconds it can be folded and unfolded. The handlebars are telescoping which helps to accommodate a larger range of rider heights, and they fold down too, along with the pedals, to make a very small and easily stowable electric bike.

Suspension —  Mozo spring suspension, 100 mm of travel

The Bagibike B10 folding electric bike has spring suspension that offers 100 mm of travel. It also has compression adjust and preload adjust as well as lockout. This suspension does help soak up the bumps from the road and allows this bike to easily hop up or off curbs, but they’re not built for heavy off-road use.

Gearing — Shimano, 7 speed

The Bagibike B10 folding electric bike has a Shimano Tourney derailleur with a 7-speed cassette. It uses a Shimano SIS Index thumb shifter on the right side of the handlebars.

Brakes — Tektro, hydraulic disc

The Bagibike B10 folding electric bike has Tektro hydraulic disc brakes in the front and rear with 160 mm rotors. These brakes offer ample stopping powered the brake levers are equipped with motor inhibitors, which instantly cut power to the motor whenever the brake levers are depressed.

Warranty — 30 day return

The Bagibike B10 folding electric bike comes with a 30 day return policy.

Price — Starting at $1,890

Starting at $1,890, the Bagibike B10 folding electric bike hovers right around the top end of the affordable price range, but does offer quite a bit of features to help justify the price, including integrated headlight, rear rack, fenders, telescoping stem and suspension.

Who’s it for — Commuters with limited space

The Bagibike B10 folding electric bike feels like a good choice for those who need a compact electric bike for commuting or traveling, but especially for those who are looking for an approachable folding electric bike that is easy to get on and off of. The very low step thru frame makes this one of the most approachable electric bikes we’ve ever seen. This also feels like a great pick for those with an RV or boat, or just limited trunk space who want to bring an electric bike along with them on their travels. 


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