Cycleboard Elite Pro electric scooter review: The street surfer


The Cycleboard Elite Pro electric scooter has three wheels and one mode: Fun

The Cycleboard Elite Pro electric scooter feels like surfing on the streets thanks to its three wheels and unique steering system. The Elite Pro is Cycleboard’s premium offering, and it’s reflected in the price tag. But with the cost comes an incredible experience and a capable commuter. The Elite Pro’s platform makes it one of the most stable electric scooters on the market, and extra weight distribution means it can be used to go off-road and also on grass (hello, golfers!).

Power - 800 watts

The Cycleboard Elite Pro electric scooter has a single rear hub motor that spits out 800 watts of power, enough to cruise up moderately steep hills and aggressively carve from side to side without loosing speed. It’s also plenty of power to take the Elite Pro off the streets and onto grassy areas or even on dirt trails.

Speed - 25 mph

The Cycleboard Elite Pro electric scooter has a max speed of 25 mph, making this personal electric vehicle an excellent option for commuting down side streets and being able to keep up with the flow of traffic. Even when riding at top speed, the Elite Pro feels incredibly stable, as if it wants to stay upright. The 8.5” wide by 41” deck also provides plenty of grip purchase, and tipping over on this electric scooter is quite difficult.

Battery and Range - 48 volt, 25 miles

It’s unclear what size the battery is on the Cycleboard Elite Pro electric scooter, but it likely runs on a 48 volt system and has an estimated max range of 25 miles. The battery is housed inside the deck, which keeps it safe from dirt and debris and also keeps the center of gravity low and increases stability even further. It can also be swapped out without much effort.

Price - Starting at $1,999

Starting at $1,999 the Cycleboard Elite Pro electric scooter is a pricey purchase, but this is a unique electric scooter that provides the rider with an incredibly fun, and more importantly, incredibly stable ride experience. The unique steering mechanism, mechanical disc brake, password protection, front and rear suspension, easy-to-fold functionality and pneumatic tires offer additional value.

Who’s it for - Street surfers

This feels like a good choice for those looking for a stable electric scooter that can get them from point A to point B in style while also having fun. The weight distribution is great for those who also want to take their electric scooter on dirt trials, and especially for golfers who want to take it on the course. It makes for a capable commuter given the speed, power and range, and since it can be folded up when not in use it can be easily taken into a coffee shop, the office or anywhere else when the journey is over. For those prefer stability over anything else, the Cycleboard Elite Pro electric scooter is a great choice.


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