EpikGo Sport Plus hoverboard review: Ferrari of hoverboards


The EpikGo Sport Plus hoverboard is a stylish, fast and powerful hoverboard with ample range.

EpikGo is known for their hoverboards, but they also have a few electric skateboards to choose from as well, This product, the EpikGo Sport Plus hoverboard, is one of the pricier hoverboards on the market, but it’s also one of the best. It also has a built-in bluetooth speaker so riders can blast tunes while cruising through the streets.

Power - 800 peak watts

The EpikGo Sport Plus hoverboard has dual 400 peak watt motors for a combined total output of 800 peak watts. This is more power than most hoverboards offer, and it’s best served not just for its top speed, but to climb hills. The torque on this machine is surprisingly strong and it’s able to effortlessly glide up practically any slope it encounters. Like most hoverboards, the EpikGo Sport Plus can travel forwards and reverse as well.

Speed - 12 mph

The EpikGo Sport Plus hoverboard has a top speed of 12 mph — faster than most hoverboards on the market. The top speed here feels quite fast for this type of personal electric vehicle and it should be used with caution. Thankfully, the performance tires help ensure a smooth ride even at top speed.

Battery and Range 36 volt 4.3 ah, 12 miles

The Epikgo Sport Plus hoverboard has a 36 volt system with a 4.3 ah battery for an estimated max range of 12 miles. The batteries are internally housed, making for a streamlined look and also keeping the battery safe from dirt and debris.

Price - Starting at $799

Starting at $799, the EpikGo Sport Plus hoverboard is considered a premiere hoverboard. It’s more expensive than most of the competition, but it also has better performance, specs and looks. The premiere wheels, integrated bluetooth speakers and built-in front and rear lighting system also adds value.

Who’s it for - Hoverboard connoisseurs

This feels like a good choice for those who love hoverboards and are looking for something more than just a toy. The EpikGo Sport Plus would be a solid commuter that would excel in congested areas where maneuverability is preferred over speed. It has enough power to climb moderate to steep hills and enough range to go beyond the last mile. If you’re in the market for a premiere hoverboard, the EpikGo Sport Plus might be up your alley.

Check out the EpikGo Sport Plus hoverboard here: https://www.epikgo.com/products/epikgo-sport-red-wheels