Flash V1 electric bike review: Thief proof commuter


The Flash V1 electric bike has a unique frame and some seriously sneaky tech to fend off even the most able thieves.

Flash has three different models of electric bikes; this one, the Flash V1, forgoes the optional rear rack and front basket for a more streamlined, urban look. But it still retains Flash’s high-tech electronics, like the built in motion sensor, alarm and GPS tracker so riders will know where their electric bike is at all times, and also if someone is trying to tamper with it.

Power — 500 nominal watts, 750 peak watts

The Flash V1 electric bike has a Bafang rear mounted geared hub motor with an output of 500 nominal watts and 750 peak watts of power. This is enough power to get the bike up to top speed in just a few seconds, and also enough power to use only the throttle to get around.

Speed — 28 mph

The Flash V1 electric bike has a top speed of 28 mph, which can be reached using the throttle or pedal assist, making this a class 3 electric bike. Although the unique frame design only has one main tube, there is very little frame flex even at top speed and the bike feels quite stable.

Battery and Range — 36 volt 11.6 ah, 40 miles

The Flash V1 electric bike runs on a 36 volt system and has an 11.6 ah battery for an estimated max range of 40 miles with pedal assist. The battery is housed inside the frame, which keeps the Flash V1 looking more like an analogue bike — very stealthy. The battery placement also means the bike is well balanced and that the batteries are safe from dirt and debris, but it does mean they have to be charged inside the bike.

Pedal assist sensor — Cadence sensor

The Flash V1 electric bike is equipped with a cadence sensor that measures the rotation of the cranks. Like most cadence sensors, there is some delay from the time the rider starts and stops pedaling to the time the motor activates and deactivates.

Display — Integrated LCD, app

The Flash V1 electric bike has an integrated display on the top of the main tube that has most of the pertinent electronic information like speed and battery level, but Flash also has a proprietary app with tons of extra information.

Frame and weight — 6061 Aluminum alloy, 46 pounds

The Flash V1 electric bike has one frame size and weighs in at nearly 46 pounds. The single aluminum tube has several gussets for additional reinforcement, which keeps the frame stiff and reduces flex. The aggressive downward slope of the main tube also makes it easy for riders to place their feet flat on the ground when at a stop.

Suspension — Rigid forks

The Flash V1 electric bike has rigid forks and no rear suspension, though an aftermarket seat post suspension can be easily installed for those riders who want some extra shock absorption.

Gearing — Shimano Tourney, 7 speed

The Flash V1 electric bike uses a Shimano Tourney derailleur with a 7-speed cassette. The Flash V1 also has a Shimano SIS Index thumb shifter on the right side of the handlebars.

Brakes — Shimano, mechanical disc

The Flash V1 electric bike has Shimano mechanical disc brakes with 180 mm rotors, which provides plenty of stopping power. The brake levers also have motor inhibitors built in to automatically cut power to the motor whenever they are depressed.

Warranty — 1 year comprehensive, 2 year frame

The Flash V1 electric bike has a 1 year comprehensive warranty and an extended 2 year warranty for the frame and components.

Price — Starting at $1,799

Starting at $1,799, the Flash V1 electric bike is in the middle of the road when it comes to price point, but the company manages to squeeze in some unique electronic features normally found on more expensive electric bikes. Specifically, the Flash V1 has integrated headlight and tali light with turn signals and a brake light, a motion sensor with an audible alarm that sounds whenever the bike is moved while locked, a GPS tracker that sends data to the rider’s phone and tracks the bike’s location. It also has a higher-than-average top speed and a pretty powerful motor to help get the rider up to speed quickly and to tackle moderate hills.

Who’s it for — Urban riders worried about theft

This feels like a good choice for those who have been wanting an electric bike but are worried about it getting stolen, or who simply want additional safety measures to help prevent theft. The Flash rides well and has ample power and speed, and the technical features like the GPS and anti-theft devices make this an attractive commuter that helps give the rider some peace of mind whenever they’re not with their bike.