!GIVEAWAY! Lumos Matrix smart helmet review: 1,000 lumens never looked so good


The Lumos Matrix helmet smart helmet puts out an incredible 1,000 lumens of light via front and rear LEDs, offers customizable lighting sequences and an adjustable fit. 

Lumos started off with their original helmet a while back, which also incorporates front and rear lighting, but the original helmet is geared more towards road cyclists. Their new helmet, the Matrix, covers more of the head and offers even more light output and feels like it’s geared more towards electric skateboard and electric scooter riders, although this does feel like a great fit for electric bikes as well.

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Lumens —  1,000 lumens

The Lumos Matrix helmet smart helmet puts out an incredible 1,000 lumens of light via front and rear LEDs. The front LEDs shine white and have yellow LEDs underneath, which act as turn signals when activated by the independent button pad. The rear LED array has 77 LEDs which offer not just a bright display for rear-approaching traffic, but also motion. The LED array in the rear has a wide array of motion presets to choose from, including a red waving strobe, fireworks and more. When using the independent button pad to signal for turns, the rear LED array will temporarily switch from the motion preset to a moving yellow arrow.

Lumos also offers an app to further customize the rear LED array and also to check battery level, use gesture controls through an Apple Watch, sync with Apple Health and Strava and more. The light output on this helmet is remarkable and helps riders to be seen, and therefore to be safer.

Battery — 4 hours

The Lumos Matrix helmet smart helmet has an internal rechargeable battery that lasts up to 4 hours in non-blinking mode and up to 10 hours in the power saving blink mode.

Safety — CPSC, EN1078, AS2063, MIPS

The Lumos Matrix helmet smart helmet is rated for CPSC/F1492 in the United States, EN1078 in Europe and AS2063 in Australia. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, F1492 rated helmets are appropriate for “Aggressive/Trick” skating, “Personal Transport Device Riding” and “Sledding.” The example vehicles listed on cpsc.gov include “skateboard” and “electric personal assistive mobility devices.”  

The Lumos Matrix helmet smart helmet also has an upgrade option to include MIPS, or Multi-Impact Protection System, which is a “brain protection system designed to provide additional brain protection in the event of angled or rotational impacts.” In other words, MIPS uses a slip plane to offer additional protection against any angular impacts by helping to manage energy from said impacts. Here’s a good video that helps visually illustrate this concept.

Weight — 1.2 pounds

The Lumos Matrix helmet smart helmet weighs approximately 1.2 pounds (544 grams), which is about half the weight of the full-face Ruroc helmets, but about twice as heavy as an analogue bicycle racing helmet. For comparison, an iPhone X weighs .4 pounds and a typical 12 oz glass bottle filled with liquid weighs approximately 1.4 pounds. 

Sizes and colors — One size fits all

The Lumos Matrix helmet smart helmet only comes in one size, but fits a wide range of domes from 21 inches to 24 inches thanks to a 2-way adjustable fitting system and two sets of padding.

The Lumos Matrix helmet smart helmet comes in two different colors — charcoal black and jet white.

Warranty — 1 year comprehensive

The Lumos Matrix helmet smart helmet comes with a 1 year comprehensive warranty that covers defects in materials or workmanship.

Price — Starting at $172.49

The Lumos Matrix helmet smart helmet will be available in October 2019 and has a starting price of $172.49 for the Powerful Minimalist Style and $187.49 for the Advanced Futuristic Flair.  Adding MIPS technology will cost an additional $20, but we highly recommend getting this for the extra protection.

Who’s it for — Riders who want safety without sacrificing good looks

This feels like a good choice for those who need something to protect their dome and then some. The Lumos Matrix helmet smart helmet offers some good protection for electric bikes, skateboards and scooters, and the MIPS tech will also help protect against angular impacts. The lighting system in the Matrix is amazing and really the biggest reason to fork over the extra dough to snag one of these compared to far less expensive analogue helmet. The 1,000 lumens of lighting really shines bright at night and is still clearly visible even during the day. The Matrix is also comfortable and highly adjustable so it will fit just about any head well. The app offers some extra functionality, but even without it the Matrix is a great buy and something we highly recommend.


Check out the Lumos Matrix helmet smart helmet: https://new.lumoshelmet.co/