Graphene-lithium electric bike battery breakthrough yields unprecedented results

Photo credit : Ride Drive Electric

Photo credit: Ride Drive Electric

Breakthroughs in battery technology are always promised to be “just around the corner,” but new advancements in Graphene-Lithium nano technology have yielded working prototypes with incredible results.

According to Bike Europe, an expert in the field of electric bike batteries has the inside track to the new Graphene-Lithium technology, saying the breakthrough “we all have been waiting for”  is finally here. The addition of Graphene nano-technology to existing lithium batteries has improved energy density by 250%, or 2.5 times more energy per weight, than typical 18650 Lithium-ion cells.  

This isn’t the first time the industry has perked up to the hopes and dreams of almost tripling the range of electric bikes, but Bike Europe’s expert says this time it’s different. 

“One manufacturer is a lot further with the Graphene-Lithium nano technology,” Bike Europe’s expert says. “Samples are already available for individual testing.”

These working prototypes are planned to be shown during 2019’s Eurobike in Germany, and if the demonstrations are successful then it’s likely the new technology might soon be implemented into upcoming electric bike models, allowing riders to go further, faster than ever before.