Miles Power Dual electric skateboard review: The Boosted Mini killer?


The Miles Power Miles Dual electric skateboard is a compact board with dual hub motors and a large capacity battery that offers a great blend of style and speed at a competitive price.

Miles Power is a sister company to FLX, who creates high-end electric bikes geared for the trails. This product, the Miles Dual, checks off pretty much every box for style, speed, power and battery. The Miles Power Miles Dual electric skateboard has two hub motors and a top speed of 22 mph; the battery provides plenty of range — much more than some of its competitors. But one of the things that really makes this board stand apart is the overall design. The battery is housed inside the deck and the motors are hidden inside the wheels, so this electric skateboard easily passes as a traditional analogue board at first glance. The underneath of the deck is made from carbon fiber, which helps keep it lightweight and also provides a beautiful mirror finish that’s easy on the eyes.

Power — ???

The Miles Power Miles Dual electric skateboard has dual hub motors, but the company has declined to disclose the actual wattage output. Why? It’s become a trend in the electric skateboard industry to greatly exaggerate the motor power of their boards (it’s pretty standard for companies to claim a 3,000 watt output, which, if true, would result in endless wheel spin whenever you hit the throttle and also the ability to climb near-vertical hills), so Miles Power decided to just leave that bit of info out. Ultimatley, it feels like the motors here are about 350 watt motors, for a combined estimated total output of 700 watts. We can’t say for sure if these numbers are accurate, but we can say it’s one of the most powerful boards we’ve tested to date. The roll on of power is also very smooth and controllable here. The motors are also used for braking, which helps feed some energy back into the battery.

Speed — 22 mph

The Miles Power Miles Dual electric skateboard has a top speed of 22 mph — faster than some of its competitors, but not as fast as others, putting it somewhere in the middle of the pack. Riding at top speed feels comfortable but does take some focus to keep the wobbles away, a byproduct of a shorter deck. It’s likely this board could go much fast than 22 mph, but our guess is Miles Power kept the top speed a bit lower to tame the board. Perhaps a future firmware update will allow for higher top speeds.

Battery and Range — 36 volt 4 ah, 18 miles

The Miles Power Miles Dual electric skateboard has a 36 volt system with a 4 ah battery for an estimated max range of 18 miles. For a short board, this range is actually quite impressive and while the battery isn’t exactly hot swappable, it can be swapped out in about 5 minutes by removing the deck. The battery itself is housed inside the deck, keeping the board sleek and streamlined and also protecting the battery from dirt and debris. 

Price — $769

Starting at $769, the Miles Power Miles Dual electric skateboard is competitively priced, especially for what it offers. 

Who’s it for? — Commuters with limited space and budget

This feels like a good choice for commuters who have extremely limited space and who also aren’t looking to spend an arm and a leg for a vehicle to get around on. The Miles Power Miles Dual electric skateboard is compact but capable and can climb hills and easily cruise at top speed on level ground. It’s light enough to be carried on a backpack or under the arm and small enough to be stowed under a desk, in a closet or pretty much anywhere else, making this a great choice for those looking to commute to work or a coffee shop. If you’re looking for a quality electric skateboard that’s easy on the wallet, the Miles Power Miles Dual electric skateboard is a great choice. 


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