Prototype Tesla Roadster feature could be the future of electric bike batteries


If prototype Tesla Roadsters are any indication, electric bike batteries could one day charge up other electric bikes, electric scooters or electric skateboards in a pinch.

The news comes from Elon Musk himself, who revealed on Twitter that early prototype Roadsters had the ability to plug into another Tesla to give them a jolt of energy. However, the technology wasn’t perfect, and Tesla ultimately canned the feature.

It’s unlike Tesla to simply give up on a feature, however, and if the kinks are worked for the same technology could potentially be migrated to smaller platforms like electric bike batteries, making them the ultimate portable power banks. This would make sense particularly for electric bikes with larger battery capacities, like the Electric Bike Company Model C that has a 17.6 ah battery and the option to have an additional 11 ah front basket battery, the Stealth B-52 Bomber that has a 28 ah battery, or the utilitarian UBCO 2x2 electric bike that has a whopping 48 ah battery.

Having the ability to use an electric bike battery to charge another personal electric vehicle (PEV) would allow one electric bike to top off another PEV so they could both keep going. But this technology would also be great for practical applications like using power tools or for powering up gadgets during camping trips. Vehicles like the UBCO and B-52 Bomber could be used to travel deep into the forrest to make repairs on trails, whereas vehicles like the Model C could be used to transport power lights for a photo shoot.

The options are really only limited to the imagination, and at this point the technology, but if Tesla or another company is able to work out the kinks, it would greatly expand the roles PEVs can play in everyday life.