Stealth B-52 Bomber electric bike review: 6,200 watts of pure adrenaline


The Stealth B-52 Bomber electric bike is the most powerful, fastest production electric bike we’ve ever seen with 6,200 watts of power on tap and a blistering top speed of more than 50 mph. It’s a sheer terror to ride, and it’s just as much fun too. 

Stealth is known for the super high-power electric bikes that blur the line between electric motorcycle and electric bicycle. The B-52 is no exception, and feels something like an amalgamation of the best parts from both worlds. It silently reaches it top speed of over 50 mph in a matter of seconds and tears up the steepest hills we could find with ease. It also comes decked out with a battery so massive it’s almost laughable, a superb braking system, a full suspension setup that’s capable of taking a serious beating from gnarly trails and some tempting upgrade options for those whose middle name is Danger. Buckle up, awesome peeps. We’re in for a wild ride.

Power — 3,000 nominal watts, 6,200 peak watts

The Stealth B-52 Bomber electric bike has a monstrous rear geared hub motor that can consistently provide 3,000 watts of power and can boost up to 6,200 watts of power for a short period of time. While we weren’t able to find the torque for this motor, we can attest to its beefiness. It will wheelie from a standstill or at 30 mph with a quick twist of the throttle. However, since the motor is located in the rear wheel, it does make it unsuspended weight, which means the motor itself will be subjected to more vibration and shocks than a mid-drive motor. This also means the rear suspension will have to work overtime to compensate for the extra weight in the rear wheel, which will almost certainly add more wear and tear on the rear suspension than a mid-drive motor. Lastly, having a motor of this weight in the rear wheel does noticeably change the ride dynamics. It’s still easy to whip the back end just like a regular electric mountain bike, but whipping back and forth is a bit trickier and will likely take some getting used to.

Speed  — 50 mph

The Stealth B-52 Bomber electric bike has a top speed of 50 mph, which can be reached using the throttle, making this a class 4 electric bike. Class 4 electric bikes are illegal to ride in many areas, including most public road ways, so drive around town on this thing at your own legal peril. There is an option to enter Eco mode, which drops the top speed to around 20 mph and the max output to 1,000 watts, which would turn the Stealth B-52 Bomber into a class 2 electric bike. This could potentially make it legal to ride in more areas, though it would still be up to local law enforcement to interpret the law here. 

The top speed, as well as max power output and many other variables, can be adjusted in the display. It goes all the way up to 99 mph, but we weren’t able to get it past 40 mph simply because we kept running out of runway. That being said, it felt like the motor had plenty more to give. 

Battery and Range — 72 volt 2000 watt hours, 60 miles

The Stealth B-52 Bomber electric bike runs on a 72 volt system and has a whopping 2,000 watt hour battery, which is around four times larger than the average electric bike. The estimated max range for the Stealth B-52 Bomber is around 60 miles, which could theoretically be reached if the rider stays at slower speeds on flat, paved roads. But like all electric vehicles, there’s a handful of factors that heavily influence how much real-world range can actually be expected. For those who prefer to tear through the trails at warp speed, tackling every hill they can find, expect somewhere around 30 miles. That is, in our opinion, the low end for the approximate range.

The battery itself is located in a huge void within the frame and is completely sealed, making it waterproof. The battery can be accessed by taking off the side panels, and can be switched out in around five minutes if you plan to ride all day. While the battery is technically hot-swappable, it’s not as easy as sliding it off the frame like on some electric bikes, which may be an issue for those who like to charge and store their batteries separate from their bikes. Speaking of chargers, Stealth provides an eight amp charger that can get the battery fully charged in just a few hours. Pretty impressive.

Pedal assist sensor — None

The Stealth B-52 Bomber electric bike has no pedal assist, and instead opts for only a throttle. At first blush this feels like a mistake. Why would any electric bike NOT have pedal assist? However, after putting nearly 100 miles on this bike it’s crystal clear why Stealth chose not to have pedal assist: It’s dangerous. The motor is simply too powerful and pedal assist sensors aren’t precise enough to reliably get the exact amount of boost you need, and this can (and almost certainly would) result in an accident from getting too much power when you’re not ready for it. On the other hand, using the throttle for speed leaves the rider in much more control, especially since the throttle is so precise, allowing for the rider to choose pretty much whatever speed they want with minute adjustments of the wrist. There is a small dead zone in the throttle before it activates, which again felt like a miss on the first ride, but the more miles we put on the Stealth B-52 Bomber the more we appreciated the small dead zone. For those who do not want a dead zone, it may be possible to override this somewhere in the settings but honestly we can’t say for sure. 

Display — LCD

The Stealth B-52 Bomber electric bike has an LCD display located on the top of the frame. The display can be easily read in direct sunlight and has pretty much every bit of electrical information you could want, including the basics like speed, tripometer and battery level, but also cool details like efficiency, motor temp, control temp, current voltage, spent watt hours, regenerated watt hours and quite a bit more. From the display settings it’s also possible to fine tune the performance of the Stealth B-52 Bomber, including setting top speed and max power output. While we do like how well the display is integrated into the frame, our only complaint is that due to its position it can be dangerous take your eyes off the trail and look at it while at high speeds.

Frame and weight — Chromolly alloy, 112 pounds

The Stealth B-52 Bomber electric bike comes in one frame size and has a plethora of color scheme options that can be selected when ordering. The frame itself is made from aircraft grade Chromolly alloy which makes for an incredibly durable frame and also helps cut down on weight. But don’t be fooled by that statement as the Stealth B-52 Bomber is not a lightweight electric bike. In fact, this monster of a machine weighs in a hefty 112 pounds.

The weight of the Stealth B-52 Bomber is one of the more interesting things about it. At 112 pounds, it feels somewhere in-between an electric dirt bike and an electric bike. The ride dynamics are familiar of course, but also quite a bit different. The Stealth B-52 Bomber can still be whipped around but it’s certainly not as nimble as its more lightweight counterparts. 

Suspension —  Air spring full suspension

The Stealth B-52 Bomber electric bike comes stock with DNM USD-8 air spring forks with 200 mm of travel and full adjustability. There is also the upgrade option of the DVO Emerald forks, which are carbon composite, dual crown inverted forks with 200 mm of travel and full adjustability. We tested the previous version of the upgraded forks, the DNM Grooves, which performed amazingly well. We suspect the Emerald forks will operate similarly, though we can’t say for sure as we weren’t able to test those. The question, though is whether the upgraded forks are necessary. Yes, they are inverted which makes the entire fork suspended by the suspension and yes they do provide an unparalleled ride, but unless you plan on tackling some seriously grueling trails the standard forks will likely suit you well. 

The Stealth B-52 Bomber electric bike also has a DNM rear air spring suspension with 250 mm of travel. This suspension is also fully adjustable and does its job very well Together, the full suspension setup makes for an cush ride even at top speed and and are capable of tackling everything we threw at it. However, due to the weight of the Stealth B-52 Bomber, we still recommend steering away from full out downhill races until you’re completely accustomed to the different ride dynamics.

Gearing — 9 speed, Vboxx

The Stealth B-52 Bomber electric bike uses a 9-speed sequential Vboxx transmission. The Vboxx is located on the bottom of the bike right where the cranks are, helping to keep the center of gravity low, but also leaving it vulnerable to strikes. Still, the case seems to overbuilt and can likely take some serious punishment before getting damaged. To switch gears, riders must the twist shifter on the left side of the handlebars. Switching gears feels natural and pretty much just like using a traditional derailleur, except there’s nothing to derail, which is a huge plus. When switching gears with the Vboxx, it’s important to ease off the cranks to keep the internal gears from grinding. However, riders can still keep on the throttle when switching gears.

Brakes — Magura, hydraulic disc

The Stealth B-52 Bomber electric bike uses Magura hydraulic disc brakes with 203 mm rotors, providing superb stopping power even in the worst possible situations. The standard brakes on the Stealth B-52 Bomber are the Magura MT-5 brakes, which are quad piston, dual caliper brakes. The upgrade option is the Magura MT-7 brakes, which are quad piston, quad caliper brakes with tool free bite-point adjust and tool free reach adjust. The MT-7 brakes have better thermal dissipation compared to the MT-5 brakes, and the tool free adjusts are a huge bonus. If you go for one upgrade option on this bike, we recommend it be the brakes — with a bike like this that has a 50+ mph top speed, every bit of extra stopping power is important.

Interestingly, the Stealth B-52 Bomber electric bike does not have motor inhibitors like most electric bikes. We’re not sure why Stealth opted to forego this feature, but it’s likely to give riders 100 percent control over their machine. For instance, if you want to whip the back end around while at a standstill you can hit the front brake, twist the throttle and kick the back wheel around. With a traditional electric bike that has motor inhibitors, this wouldn’t be possible, or at least not as easily.

Warranty — Limited lifetime

The Stealth B-52 Bomber electric bike comes with a limited lifetime warranty that “warrants this products against defects in material or workmanship” per Stealth’s website. The warranty covers factory defects and only applies to the original purchaser. In other words, it’s non-transferable, which is definitely something to keep in mind when buying a used Stealth B-52 Bomber. Still, this is one of, if not THE, best warranty we’ve seen from an electric bike company, so good on Stealth for that. For those that are interested in checking out the minutia of Stealth’s warranty you can find that here.

Price — Starting at $10,400

Starting at $10,400, the Stealth B-52 Bomber electric bike is hands down (and by quite a lot) the most expensive electric bike we’ve tested. And for those that opt for the upgrades, the price can spike to close to $13,000. Yikes. Stealth does offer financing up to 24 months for qualified applicants, but even still that’s a lot of coin. 

In fairness, we believe the price (though astronomical) is justified given the Stealth B-52 Bomber is the most technologically advanced and capable electric bike we’ve ever seen. There’s simply no other production electric bike out there that even comes close. It’s beyond fun and a smile is priceless right? Well, maybe not, but still. 

Who’s it for — Extremists with money to spare

The Stealth B-52 Bomber electric bike feels like a good choice for riders who want a unique experience and are ready to throw down for it. The B-52 is for extremists, those who want to push their body and machine to the absolute limit of what is humanly and physically possible. With this bike, no trail is off limits, no hill is too steep and there’s no drag race you can’t win. It’s chock full of features and tech that separates this ride from all others, and the price tag reflect this. In reality, there’s plenty of other electric bikes for less than half the cost that can accomplish much of what the Stealth B-52 Bomber can, but when it comes to going over 9,000, nothing will match the full capabilities of the Bomber.


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