About Electrified Reviews

We're Electrified Reviews and our team is all about providing the absolute best possible reviews and news on all things personal electric vehicles, or PEVs. From the fastest electric bike to the most powerful electric scooter, the dopest electric skateboard to cutting edge battery tech, if it has to do with PEVs, you can find it here.

We love PEVs because they're fun, but also because they're clean. Studies show they help to reduce carbon emissions and also promote a healthy lifestyle. Our hope is that by sharing our passion for PEVs we might inspire people to adopt them as a supplementary, or even primary means of transportation.

We're in the process of revamping our website, if you have any problems using it please drop us a line and we'll get it fixed. Stay tuned for awesome new updates that are rolling out soon!

About the Founder

Electrified Reviews founder and CEO Brent McCluskey is an industry leader for premiere reviews and news on personal electric vehicles. His passion for PEVs was born on a cool summer night in 2015 when he first hopped on an electric skateboard. Passion grew into obsession and he soon found himself testing out every electric bike, electric scooter and electric skateboard he could get his hands on. He started Electrified Reviews and began sharing his reviews; now it’s what he does full-time.

Before Electrified Reviews Brent was an editor and journalist for several publications including The Atlantic, Mic, Comic Book and The Fix, and a social media editor at International Business Times. His written work has also been featured on ABC News, Fox News and the documentary Deep Web.

When Brent isn’t producing reviews for Electrified Reviews, he’s usually doing something else outdoors. He attained his private pilot’s license when he was 21 and enjoys soaring above the countryside in his Cessna 172. He likes being underwater too and has scuba dived in Grand Cayman, Hawaii and Mexico. When time permits he travels to new, far away places — he’s been to over 40 countries so far but there’s still quite a few left on his list.