Electric Vehicle Brands

Addmotor was founded in 2006. They originaly were a motorcycle parts company, specializing in fairings and other aftermarket accessories. In 2011, they entered the electric bicycle space and have since developed a range of affordable options with off-road appeal. Many of their products feature fat tires to handle dirt, sand, and snow.
ADIR was founded by two brothers living in Southern California, inspired by a passion for ebikes and a desire to improve the market with affordable products that are still built using reliable parts.
Ampler specializes in lightweight electric bikes with electronics completely hidden inside the frame for a sleek and stylish look. Made by experts from the fields of motocross racing, engineering, and bicycle design, they appear to be primarily intended for a European audience.
The founder of AOSTIRMOTOR has been deeply involved in the field of electric bicycle for many years and has rich experience in product development and production.
ASOMTOM is an Ebike company that offers reasonably priced Ebikes and sells mainly online through their website.
Aventon was founded in 2013. It began by introducing an entry-level fixed-gear bike, which helped the company gain a foothold in the market. As the company grew, its founder, J.W., changed the focus of the business from sourcing off-the-shelf parts to becoming a supplier. This strategic decision allowed Aventon to reduce lead times and improve customer service. Today, the company has expanded to include several employees across both factory and office locations. They sell their products through a network of dealers in addition to their own website.
BESV is a division of Darfon Electronics Corporation, a global manufacturing powerhouse, founded in 1997. Their Ebikes have a sleek design, and a quality that doesn't seem to be reflected in their affordable prices.
Bintelli has been a player in the Powersports industry for almost two decades now. Over the years, the company has had the opportunity to interact with dealers all across the country, gathering valuable feedback that has helped shape their line of Ebikes. Bintelli's electric bicycles are designed specifically with the needs of dealers and retail customers in mind. The company's commitment to listening to customer feedback has helped them develop Ebikes that are enjoyed across the US.
BPM Imports is a consumer direct electric bicycle company that focuses on fat tire models. They have several Ebikes in their lineup and are always bringing new and exciting designs to the industry.
In July 2019, Buzz E-Bikes emerged onto the scene as a new player in the electric bicycle market. The brand operates under the umbrella of United Wheels, a company that operates multiple well-known bicycle brands, including Huffy, Niner, and Batch. Buzz E-Bikes differentiated itself by adopting a direct-to-consumer business model, meaning their products will not be available in traditional retail stores or sold by third-party sellers. By prioritizing their relationship with consumers, Buzz E-Bikes aims to offer an unparalleled experience when purchasing and using their electric bicycles.
REVI BIKES is headquartered Ontario, California. Their models draw inspiration from traditional frames and components, with an emphasis on fat tire Ebikes. They have a list of dealers and also sell bikes through their online website.
Cyrusher is a brand that has been in business for nearly a decade. They now own and operate their own manufacturing and produce some unique Ebikes in the industry. They specialize in fat tire, full-suspension, off-road Ebikes.