Cityrover S5 electric scooter review: Best dual-drive under $699


The Cityrover S5 electric scooter is a slim and capable folding commuter with two hub motors and a large capacity battery.

Cityrover has several electric scooters and electric skateboards to choose from; this one, the Cityrover S5, is a dual drive electric scooter that has the option of using one or both of the motors. It also has integrated lighting and front suspension.

Power — 500 nominal watts, 750 peak watts

The Cityrover S5 electric scooter has two 250 watt hub motors for a total of 500 watts of output. The rider can choose to only use one motor to conserve power, or unleash the full 500 watts with both motors, which is enough to get most riders up to top speed fairly quickly and climb small hills.

Speed  — 20 mph

The Cityrover S5 electric scooter has a top speed of 20 mph, which can be reached using the throttle.

Battery and Range — 36 volt 10.4 ah, 24 miles

The Cityrover S5 electric scooter runs on a 36 volt system and has a 10.4 ah battery for an estimated max range of 24 miles. The battery is housed underneath the deck, keeping the center of gravity low and also protecting the battery from dirt and debris.

Display — LCD

The Cityrover S5 electric scooter has an integrated LCD screen in the middle of the handlebars that displays pertinent information like speed, distance and battery level.

Frame and weight — Aluminum alloy, 25 pounds

The Cityrover S5 electric scooter has an aluminum alloy frame and weighs in at nearly 25 pounds, pretty light considering the large capacity battery and two hub motors. The scooter only comes in one size and the stem is not adjustable.

Suspension — 20 mm of travel

The Cityrover S5 electric scooter has a front suspension with approximately 20 mm of travel. This suspension does a good job at smoothing out some of the small bumps but is not suitable for serious off-road use.

Brakes — Electronic, foot brake

The Cityrover S5 has an electronic brake and a secondary foot brake. The electronic brake is surprisingly strong and can bring the scooter to a complete stop, and the foot brake is a good emergency brake in the case the electronic brake fails, or to be used for extra speedy stops.

Warranty — 3 month comprehensive

The Cityrover S5 has a 3 month comprehensive warranty that covers battery, electronics and any defects in manufacturing.

Price — Starting at $689

Starting at $689, the Cityrover S5 electric scooter is priced well for what it offers, including the integrated lighting, dual motors and high capacity battery.

Who’s it for — Commuters with limited space

This feels like a good choice for those who need a solid electric scooter for longer commutes, but who don’t have tons of space for something larger like an electric bike. Electric scooters have more stability than electric skateboards, so that’s also something to keep in mind with this one. The Cityrover S5 electric scooter has enough power to climb small hills and enough range to get you to and from work, the grocery store, coffee shop or wherever else the road might take you.


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