Evolve Carbon GT 2-in-1 electric skateboard review: Style, meet Power


The Evlove Carbon GT 2-in-1 electric skateboard is a versatile longboard with plenty of speed, power and range to spare.

Evolve is an Australia-based company with more than 5 years of experience in crafting high-quality electric skateboards. They’ve made their mark in the electric skateboard industry by offering refined products that as sleek as they are fast; as nimble as they are powerful. This one, the Evolve Carbon GT 2-in-1, can transform from a street-shredding racer to an off-road cruiser in a matter of minutes, and the drop-through double-bushing truck design keeps the rider close to the ground and in complete control.

Power - 3,000 peak watts, 600 nominal watts

The Carbon GT 2-in-1 electric skateboard has dual 1,500 peak watt motors for a combined total output of 3,000 peak watts. The power itself is great, but what is particularly nice about this board is the dual motors, as they allow for an even distribution of power to both rear wheels. This seriously mitigates the risk of wheel spin and makes it easier to power around corners without fear of skidding out. The motors are also used for braking, which helps feed some energy back into the battery.

Speed - 26 mph

The Carbon GT 2-in-1 electric skateboard has a top speed of 26 mph — faster than most of its competitors — but what really separates Evolve is their drop-through double-bushing trucks , which makes for an incredibly responsive and carvalicious ride. Trekking along at full speed for extended distances is no problem as the relatively flat deck, which is 40” long and about 10” wide, leaves plenty of grip purchase while keeping foot strain at a minimum. The Carbon GT 2-in-1 has virtually no speed wobbles with the street wheels, but some riders may experience some wobbles with the off-road tires.

Battery and Range - 36 volt 10ah, 31 miles

The Carbon GT 2-in-1 electric skateboard has a 36 volt system with a 10 ah battery for an estimated max range of 31 miles with the street wheels, and about 17 miles with the off-road wheels. This isn’t the biggest electric skateboard battery on the market, but it is one of the sleekest. The battery is completely sealed inside the deck, making for a streamlined look and also keeping the battery safe from dirt and debris.

Price - Starting at $2,159

Starting at $2,159, the Evolve Carbon GT 2-in-1 electric skateboard definitely isn’t cheap, but quality comes at a price. This is also one of the few electric skateboards on the market that comes with an additional set of off-road wheels, allowing it to be ridden on the street and also on modest off-road trails.

Who’s it for - Stylish commuters

This feels like a good choice for those ready to make an investment on an electric skateboard that looks good and performs even better. The drop-through double-bushing trucks make this one of the sweetest commuters on the market. The deck design couples well with the max range and foot strain is minimal even on longer commutes. It has enough power to climb almost any hill, and the off-road tires can also be used on less-than-perfect streets. If you want a highly refined, versatile electric skateboard, the Evolve Carbon GT 2-in-1 is the worth a look.

Check out the Evolve Carbon GT 2-in-1: https://evolveskateboardsusa.com/products/carbon-gt-series