!!GIVEAWAY!! Fluidfreeride Widewheel electric scooter review: INSANELY POWERFUL and INCREDIBLY FAST


The Fluidfreeride Widewheel folding electric scooter is one of the most powerful scooters we’ve tested to date, and with a 25 mph top speed and 30 mile range, it’s an ideal commuter for longer commutes through hilly cities.

Fluidfreeride has five electric scooters in their lineup; this one, the Widewheel is their premium offering and comes stock with two massive motors, a high capacity battery, integrated headlight and tail light, disc brake, full suspension and a strong locking mechanism to keep the stem securely in place when riding. Oh, and WE’RE DOING A GIVEAWAY ON THIS SCOOTER AND TWO ACCESSORIES! 

There’s several ways to enter the giveaway for a chance to win the Fluidfreeride Widewheel electric scooter, a high power detachable headlight and a cool folding lock. We’ll outline the different ways to enter below, for a maximum of five total entries per person — each method counts as its own separate way to enter, so you can of course just hit up one way to enter, or all of them if you want those extra chances to win.

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Winners for the Fluidfreeride Widewheel electric scooter, detachable high power headlight and cool folding lock will be drawn and announced live in our next video. Good luck!

Power — 1,000 nominal watts, 1,600 peak watts

The Fluidfreeride Widewheel folding electric scooter has two hub motors, one in each wheel, with a total nominal output of 1,000 watts and 1,600 peak watts. These motors are extremely powerful and extremely torquey, and the wide wheels help to alleviate wheel slip except on loose terrain. The Widewheel is powerful enough to tackle some pretty steep hills and breezed up some of San Francisco’s steepest streets without skipping a beat.

Speed  — 25 mph

The Fluidfreeride Widewheel folding electric scooter has a top speed of 25 mph, which can be reached using the throttle. Although this is much faster than most electric scooters, the top speed on the Widewheel still feels manageable thanks to the wide tires and securely locked stem.

Battery and Range — 48 volt 13.2 ah, 31 miles

The Fluidfreeride Widewheel folding electric scooter runs on a 48 volt system and has a 13.2 ah battery for an estimated max range of 31 miles. The battery in the Widewheel is internally housed inside the deck, which keeps the center of gravity very low and also keeps it protected from dirt and debris. Of course, this does mean that the battery must be charged along with the scoter. 

Display — LCD

The Fluidfreeride Widewheel folding electric scooter has an LCD display in the middle of the handlebars with four LED lights to indicate battery level. There’s not much digital information available on the Widewheel, including speed, so for those who want to know exactly how fast they are going they’ll need to use their phone or another separate device to measure speed. Fluidfreeride mentioned the new version of the Widewheel will have a separate display for voltage for more accurate battery feedback, and also a key operation.

Frame and weight — Aluminum alloy, 50 pounds

The Fluidfreeride Widewheel folding electric scooter has an aluminum alloy frame and weighs in at nearly 50 pounds. This is definitely heavier than most electric scooters but the weight makes sense given the dual motors and large capacity battery, and because it’s so well balanced it’s not too difficult to carry around for short distances. 

Suspension — Dual spring suspension

The Fluidfreeride Widewheel folding electric scooter has dual spring suspension that significantly mitigates smaller bumps and cracks in the road and does well at smoothing out the ride. This makes a big difference for comfort on longer treks with this scooter.

Brakes — Mechanical disc brake

The Fluidfreeride Widewheel folding electric scooter has a mechanical disc brake in the rear. At first glance this looks like inadequate braking, but testing proved that the single brake provides ample stopping power. Wheel slip when braking is minimal thanks to the massive traction provided by the wide wheel, though it would be great to see a front disc brake or electronic braking in future models.

Warranty — 3 month comprehensive

The Fluidfreeride Widewheel folding electric scooter has a 3 month comprehensive warranty that covers manufacturing defects and also allows for a 15 day return period.

Price — Starting at $1,199

Starting at $1,199, the Fluidfreeride Widewheel folding electric scooter is, in our opinion, a bit underpriced. It’s a great value for what it offers and will beat out almost any competitor at the same price point as far as specs and performance goes.

Who’s it for — Commuters in hilly areas

This feels like a good choice for those who need a serious commuting vehicle but need something that’s lighter and more compact than an electric bike and more stable than an electric skateboard. The Widewheel excels at hill climbs and can cruise along at top speed without missing a beat. The high top speed and high capacity battery coupled with two powerful motors makes the Widewheel an ideal choice for commuters, and the price point of $1,199 makes this one of the best values currently on the market.