Gocycle GS electric bike review: Elegant urban folder


The Gocycle GS electric bike is an elegant urban folder that looks amazing and rides even better.

Gocycle has several different versions of electric bikes; this one, the Gocycle GS, is their mid-tier offering that retains most of the features from their premium model, the G3. The GS is a pricy electric bike but it does have some pretty awesome features, namely, a completely custom frame and design that though compact is incredibly comfortable to ride, full suspension, several accessory options and the ability to completely disassemble and fold up in a matter of minutes.

Power — 500 nominal watts, 750 peak watts

The Gocycle GS electric bike has a 500 nominal watt, 750 peak watt geared hub motor in the front wheel. The motor is powerful enough to get a rider up to top speed in a few seconds and is capable of climbing moderate hills without pedal assist.

Speed — 20 mph

The Gocycle GS electric bike has a top speed of 20 mph, which can be reached using the throttle or pedal assist, making this a Class 2 electric bike. Although the GS uses a compact frame, the geometry is designed in such a way that it still feels stable even when riding at top speed.

Battery and Range — 22 volt 13.5 ah, 40 miles

The Gocycle GS electric bike runs on a 22 volt system and has a 13.5 ah battery for an estimated max range of 40 miles with pedal assist. The battery is housed inside the frame, making for a streamlined, under-the-radar look, and also serves to protect the batteries from dirt and debris. The location of the batteries in the frame also helps to make this bike quite well balanced.

Pedal assist sensor — Advanced sensor

The Gocycle GS electric bike is equipped with an advanced pedal assist sensor that measure the torque placed on the cranks and also their rotation. This advanced pedal assist sensor is highly responsive and motor power start and stops almost instantly when the rider starts and stops pedaling.

Display — App

The Gocycle GS electric bike has no integrated display on the bike, but instead uses a proprietary app for electronic feedback. The app is well designed and offers all the needed information including speed, distance, pedal assist level, battery level, performance stats and quite a bit more.

Frame and weight — 6061 Aluminum alloy, 37 pounds

The Gocycle GS electric bike has one frame size and weighs in at nearly 37 pounds, quite a bit lighter than most electric bikes. Although the GS only comes in one frame size, the adjustable stem and saddle can accommodate most riders. Then frame design also makes it extremely easy to place both feet on the ground when at a stop. When done riding, the frame and handlebars can be folded in half and the tires can be easily removed.

Suspension — Front and rear, 25 mm of travel

The Gocycle GS electric bike has full suspension, with a small shock absorber in the single fork and a proprietary shock in the rear with 25 mm of travel. The suspension on the GS is great for smoothing out rough roads and tackling dirt trails, but it shouldn’t be used for serious off-road use.

Gearing — Shimano Nexus, 3-speed

The Gocycle GS electric bike has a Shimano Nexus internally gear set with 3 different speeds to choose from. The shifter is on the right side of the handlebars.

Brakes — Hydraulic disc

The Gocycle GS electric bike has front and rear proprietary hydraulic disc brakes with 140 mm rotors. This bike is also equipped with motor inhibitors which instantly cut power to the motor whenever the brake levers are depressed.

Warranty — 2 year comprehensive

The Gocycle GS electric bike has a 2 year comprehensive warranty, 3 year frame warranty and 1 year battery warranty.

Price — Starting at $2,799

Starting at $2,799, the Gocycle GS electric bike creeps into the high-tier category of electric bikes. It’s definitely a big expense, but this electric bike is unique in many ways and the myriad proprietary features help justify the high price tag.

Who’s it for — Urban commuters with limited space

This feels like a good choice for those who don’t mind spending some money on a longterm commuting investment. The Gocycle GS excels at urban commuting and is especially practical for those who don’t have much space to store their electric bikes, and for those who want to bring their ride in with them when they get to where they’re going. The Gocycle GS isn’t cheap, but it offers a lot cool features and is one of the best looking electric bikes on the market.


Check out the Gocycle GS electric bike: https://gocycle.com/models/gocycle-gs/