Inboard M1 electric skateboard review: the BEST longboard under $600 


The Inboard M1 electric skateboard is a dope looking longboard with two hub motors and a battery that can easily be swapped out in a matter of seconds.

Inboard is a company known for the M1 electric skateboard, a streamlined longboard. The M1 has two hub motors, integrated lights, a hot swappable battery that’s hidden inside the deck and an incredibly attractive price tag.

Power — 750 watts

The Inboard M1 electric skateboard has dual 375 watt hub motors for a combined total output of 750 nominal watts. The power on this board is enough to easily cruise at top speed on level ground and even climb moderate hills at slower speeds. The roll-on of power with the M1 is particularly noteworthy as it’s incredibly smooth.  The motors are also used for braking, which feeds some of the energy back into the battery.

Speed — 22 mph

The Inboard M1 electric skateboard has a top speed of 22 mph, which feels quite comfortable with the longboard deck. The deck itself is also almost completely flat, which helps to reduce foot strain on longer rides.

Battery and Range — 36 volt 3 ah, 10 miles

The Inboard M1 electric skateboard has a 36 volt system with a 3 ah battery for an estimated max range of about 10 miles. During real world testing we were able to get about 4 good miles per battery on relatively flat roads with a 185 pound rider. The battery capacity isn’t huge on the M1, but the ability to quickly and easily swap out batteries does mean this board can easily go much, much further.

Price — $599

Starting at $599, the Inboard M1 electric skateboard is competitively priced, but still has some awesome features, most notably the sleek and stealthy design of the board, which makes it look almost identical to an analogue longboard. The M1 also has integrated front and rear lights which increase visibility and also help to illuminate the road at slower speed. 

Who’s it for? — Short distance commuters on a budget

This feels like a good choice for those on a budget looking to try out an electric skateboard. The Inboard M1 electric skateboard can serve as a viable commuter for shorter distances with a single battery, or further commutes with multiple batteries. This would work well for getting around campus or to the local grocery store, and is also an incredibly fun way to get outside.

Check out the Inboard M1 electric skateboard: