IZip TRLZ electric bike review: Trail ready MTB at an affordable price


The iZip TRLZ electric bike is one of the most capable electric MTB we’ve seen under $1,500, with a highly responsive advanced pedal assist sensor, an excellent range and punchy but efficient motor. This electric bike is ready for some serious trails.

IZip has a wide range of electric bikes to choose from. This one, the TRLZ, is a MTB fit for some aggressive riding. The front suspension offers plenty of shock absorption and can even handle some smaller jumps, while the advanced pedal assist sensor ensures the motor is quickly responding to your power demands. This is a sweet ride, and we had a blast testing it. 

Power — 250 nominal watts, 400 peak watts

The iZip TRLZ electric bike has an efficient 250 nominal watt, 400 peak watt geared hub motor with 60 Newton meters of torque. 

Speed  — 20 mph

The iZip TRLZ electric bike has a top speed of 20 mph, which can be reached using the pedal assist, making the TRLZ a class 1 electric bike. This is a great choice for those who live in an area with strict electric bike laws as class 1 electric bikes are legal to ride in most areas.

Battery and Range — 36 volt 11.6 ah, 50 miles

The iZip TRLZ electric bike runs on a 36 volt system and has an 11.6 ah battery for an estimated max range of about 50 miles on a charge. This estimated range is going to be higher than class 2 and above electric bikes simply because the TRLZ has no throttle, so riders must pedal while riding. The battery itself is located on the downtube and sits in a recessed spot on the frame. The frame on the TRLZ, and on all iZip electric bikes, is custom made, and we very much appreciate the attention to detail on the battery cutout. This helps minimize the footprint of the battery and also makes for a cleaner overall appearance. The battery is locking and removable so it can be charged and stored separate from the bike.The battery also has an LED indicator so riders can quickly check how much juice is left in the battery without turning on the electrical system. Handy. 

Pedal assist sensor — Advanced sensor

The iZip TRLZ electric bike is equipped with a Suntour SR advanced sensor that measure both the rotation of the cranks and also the physical torque placed on the cranks. This results in a higher resolution sensor that more accurately detects when the rider wants power. The motor activation and shutoff is very quick on this bike, which is to be expected with a sensor of this caliber. 

Display — LED/LCD

The iZip TRLZ electric bike has an LED display with a small LCD window for numerical feedback like speed. The display is attached on the left side of the handlebars and is not able to be removed or adjusted without tools. Thankfully this isn’t an issue as far as glare is concerned — it’s very easy to see the display in full sunlight. The display is simple but effective, and has a three bar battery level indicator, a mode selector and a button to activate and deactivate the integrated headlight.

Frame and weight — Aluminum alloy, 55 pounds

The iZip TRLZ electric bike electric bike comes in two different frame styles, two different frame sizes and one color — step over, medium and large and grey, respectively. The TRLZ has a curb weight of about 55 pounds, which is pretty average for an electric bike, and maybe even a bit light for an electric bike with front suspension. The small, efficient motor helps to keep the weight down. 

Suspension —  Suntour XCE

The iZip TRLZ electric bike has Suntour XCE suspension with 100 mm of travel. These suspension forks also have preload adjust and lockout and do a very good job of mitigating larger bumps. This suspension is well suited for trail use and can handle some relatively aggressive riding.

Gearing — 7 speed, Shimano Tourney

The iZip TRLZ electric bike uses a Shimano Tourney derailleur and has seven speeds which can be selected through the Shimano Acera trigger shifter on the right side of the handlebars. The Acera trigger shifters are another feature we don’t often see on electric bikes at this price point — usually they have Shimano SIS Index thumb shifters which aren’t as easy to operate.

Brakes — Tektro, mechanical disc

The iZip TRLZ electric bike uses Tektro mechanical disc brakes with 180 mm rotors, providing plenty of stopping power. The brake levers also have motor inhibitors built in, which instantly cut power to the motor whenever the brake levers are depressed. 

Warranty — 2 year comprehensive, lifetime frame

The iZip TRLZ electric bike has a 2 year comprehensive warranty and a lifetime warranty on the frame — again, an incredible offering at this price point.

Price — Starting at $1,499

Starting at $1,499, the iZip TRLZ electric bike is a seriously good deal given not just the upgraded features and components it includes, but also because of the warranty. It’s uncommon to find upgraded trigger shifters, custom frame designs, a solid front suspension and an advanced pedal sensor on electric bikes at this price point, so the TRLZ definitely gets an A+ rating in this regard.

Who’s it for — Serious MTB on a budget

The iZip TRLZ electric bike feels like a good fit for those who intend to put their electric bike through the paces. The TRLZ is ready for some aggressive riding and can handle some pretty technical trails. It’s got solid components and iZip picked the right ones to upgrade, while leaving the ones that don’t need upgrading alone. The advanced pedal assist sensor is a huge bonus on this electric bike and really helps to get into the groove when tackling the trails. The huge range is also a plus for those who want to go longer distances either on the city roads or off the beaten path. For $1,499, there’s not a lot of electric MTBs that can beat this one out for value.


Check out the iZip TRLZ electric bike: https://www.izipelectric.com/adventuring/e3-trlz-st.html