Phat Scooter Sport electric scooter review: The Harley of fat scooters


The Phat Scooter Sport electric scooter is a beastly fat scooter that feels a little like riding a Harley Davidson.

Phat Scooters sells several different models of citycoco style fat tire electric scooters. This one, the Sport, has shorter handlebars and frame compared to its full-size counterpart, an integrated front headlight with a good output, a full size twist throttle, front suspension and plenty of power and speed. Because of the suspension and huge pneumatic tires, the Sport can be ridden on the road and off. The weight distribution is fantastic with this personal electric vehicle and it can easily ride through grass without leaving a footprint — great for golfers looking to trade in a traditional cart for something a little more exciting.

Power - 1200 watts

The Phat Scooter Sport fat tire electric scooter has a single rear hub motor that cranks out 1200 watts of power with a twist of the full-size throttle. Though the Sport is a heavy personal electric vehicle, weighing in at 110 pounds, the motor has more than enough power to propel a rider to top speed in a few seconds, and even maintain that top speed while cruising up hills. The extra power is particular useful for the riders looking to use this personal electric vehicle as a golf caddy.

Speed - 20 mph

The Phat Scooter Sport fat tire electric scooter has a max speed of 20 mph, a bit slower than some of its competitors, though it might be possible to boost the speed with help from the company. However, having a slightly lower top speed does mean it will draw less overall power from the battery and should help to increase the range compared to faster fat scooters. The Sport feels very stable, especially at full speed, and cruising on this feels like riding a motorcycle.

Battery and Range - 72 volt 20 ah, 50 miles

The Phat Scooter Sport fat tire electric scooter runs on a 72 volt system and has the option of a 12 ah and 20 ah battery, with an estimated max range of 30 miles and 50 miles, respectively. The 12 ah battery comes standard with the Sport, and the upgraded 20 ah battery costs an additional $300, a pretty good deal considering the increase in range. Even with the 12 ah battery, the Sport has more range than most electric scooters, but the 20 ah battery makes the Sport stand out from the rest.

Price - Starting at $1,895

Starting at $1,895, the Phat Scooter Sport fat electric scooter is up there on price, but it offers quite a bit (literally too, at 110 pounds), including front suspension, hydraulic front and rear disc brakes, a two-stage integrated front headlight, a double-sided kickstand, pneumatic tires, a full-size twist throttle and a variety of colors to choose from. Aside from the upgraded battery, there’s also quite a few other accessories available, including a basket, deck graphics, wheel lock, beverage holder, rear view mirrors, speakers, phone holders, LED lighting, custom wrapped fenders, hard plastic carrying case and more.

Who’s it for - Relaxed cruisers

This feels like a good choice for those looking to cruise in style and comfort. The Phat Scooter Sport fat electric scooter excels at commuting longer distances and silently rolling over grass, something that would likely be especially appealing for golfers. While the speed is a little low, the power and range is excellent, and the myriad accessories to choose from means the Sport is highly customizable. For those want a stable commuter that’s easy and fun to ride and have plenty of space to store it, the Sport is definitely worth consideration.


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