Works Electric Hollyburn P5 electric scooter review: Pure adrenaline


With 4,400 watts of power and a top speed of 40 mph, the Works Electric Hollyburn P5 electric scooter is in a class of its own.

The build quality, speed and power of this electric scooter is practically unrivaled, and though it’s not brimming with fancy features, it is built for abuse and can withstand even the harshest off-road environments. Works Electric is an American based company that crafts and assembles their electric scooters by hand, one at a time. Integrated lights illuminate the rider’s path, and the frame is reinforced throughout. Of course, quality comes at a cost, and the Hollyburn P5 electric scooter is certainly no exception.

Power - 4400 watts

The Works Electric Hollyburn P5 electric scooter has one, massive 4400 watt ZM2-R motor hidden inside the deck. It protrudes slightly from the bottom, but a skid plate ensures it’s protected even from direct strikes. The motor drives either a chain or belt, depending on the model, and can allow riders to climb some seriously steep hills on the streets or way off the beaten trail.

Speed - 40 mph

The Works Electric Hollyburn P5 electric scooter has a max speed of 40 mph, enough to keep up with traffic on side streets or tear through the open countryside at blistering speeds. The top speed can be easily reached, even on an incline, and the Hollyburn P5 is able to maintain its top speed until the battery is completely drained.

Battery and Range - 48 volt 25.1 ah, 28 miles

The Works Electric Hollyburn P5 electric scooter has a 48 volt system with a 25.1 ah battery for an estimated max range of 28 miles. Because of the immense power of the P5, the range will vary drastically depending on how it is ridden. Riding up hill with the throttle wide open will of course decrease the range, while cruising at modest speeds on paved roads will help to reach the max range of 28 miles. The huge battery pack is stored inside the waterproof deck, keeping it completely dry and safe from dirt and debris.

Price - Starting at $6,300

Starting at $6,300, the Works Electric Hollyburn P5 electric scooter is almost as terrifying to buy as it is to ride. This electric scooter commands a big price tag, not just because of the speed and power, but because of the overall build quality. The folding stem is reinforced with a series of bolts to keep it securely locked in place even when jumping the scooter and taking it over extreme terrain. The underbelly is also reinforced with plating reminiscent of rock sliders on off-road 4x4 vehicles. The hydraulic front disc brake and regenerative rear brake allow this electric scooter to be stopped on a dime even in the rain and mud. The entire scooter is rated at IP66 weatherproofing so it can be ridden in any weather. The pneumatic tires offer fantastic grip and also give the P5 some suspension. The P5 has no control center, no bluetooth connectivity or really any extra frill or pomp. No, instead the Hollyburn P5 opts for ruggedness, and in that respect it has surpassed its goal.

Who’s it for - Extreme riders

This feels like a good choice for extreme riders who have previous experience with dirt bikes, quads and other serious off-road machines, but who are ready to trade in their combustion engines for an electric drive. The cost is high for the Works Electric Hollyburn P5 electric scooter, but so is the reward of riding it. It can truly be taken on any adventure — driven through the mud, over rocky terrain, through water, snow, sand — it can handle whatever is placed in front of it. This vehicle is not for the feint of heart. It is fast, is powerful; it is dangerous, but most of all it is just plain fun.


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