2019 Evelo Delta Review

The Evelo Delta electric bike is as sophisticated as it is rugged, and this off-road beast is ready to devour any trail foolish enough to stand in its way.

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Detailed Specs

Price: $3,299
Minimum Range: 20 Miles
Top Speed: 30 Miles Per Hour
Electronics: 556.8Wh Battery, 750W Mid-drive Motor
Suspension: Hardtail
Gearing: Nuvinci, CVT
Brakes: Tektro Auriga, Hydraulic Discs, 180mm Rotors, Motor Inhibitors

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The Evelo Delta electric bike is as sophisticated as it is rugged, and this off-road beast is ready to devour any trail foolish enough to stand in its way.

Evelo has eight different electric bikes to choose from; this one, the Evelo Delta, is designed for serious off-road use and a capable trail rider. The Delta’s relatively high price tag is justified by it’s unique design and excellent components, including a continuously variable transmission, solid suspension, powerful brakes and a torquey mid-drive motor.

Power — 750 nominal watts, 1,000 peak watts

The Evelo Delta electric bike has a powerful Bafang mid-drive motor that can spit out a continuous 750 watts and 1,000 peak watts. This motor is especially noteworthy because it has 120 Newton meters of torque, which is a lot — enough to wheelie if you’re not careful. The mid-drive motor does an excellent job of leveraging power against the bike’s gearing, making the Delta an adept climber and great choice for slogging through wet terrain.

Speed — 30 mph

The Evelo Delta electric bike has a top speed of 30 mph, which can be reached using the throttle or pedal assist, making this a class 4 electric bike. There is an option to keep it in a more street legal 20 mph mode, making the Delta a class 2 electric bike. Clipping along at top speed does feel fast, but the wide tires, wide handlebars and overall frame geometry leave the rider feeling in complete control.

Battery and Range — 48 volt 11.6 ah, 40 miles

The Evelo Delta electric bike runs on a 48 volt system and has an 11.6 ah battery for an estimated max range of 40 miles with pedal assist. The battery is located on the downtube, leaving bike well balanced, and can be removed for charging and storing.

Pedal assist sensor — Advanced sensor

The Evelo Delta electric bike is equipped with an advanced pedal assist sensor that measures the torque placed on the cranks and also their rotation. This advanced pedal assist sensor is highly responsive and motor power starts and stops almost instantly when the rider starts and stops pedaling.

Display — King Meter, LCD

The Evelo Delta electric bike uses a King Meter display located on the center of the handlebars with an independent button pad located on the left of the handlebars. This is a good display with plenty of electronic feedback including speed, distance, battery level, wattage output and more.

Frame and weight — 6061 Aluminum alloy, 57 pounds

The Evelo Delta electric bike has two different frame sizes and weighs in at nearly 57 pounds. The sturdy frame is made from aluminum alloy and the top tube is aggressively angled downward to help tame intense trails and also allow the rider to more easily place their feet flat on the ground when at a stop.

Suspension — Suntour XCR air suspension, 120 mm of travel

The Evelo Delta electric bike has a Suntour XCR air suspension that offers 120 mm of travel. It also has boost hub spacing, a thru axle, compression clicker, rebound adjust and lockout. Since the suspension can be finely tuned, the Delta is able to tackle just about any trail. It excels at steep climbs and descents too.

Gearing — Nuvinci continuously variable transmission

The Evelo Delta electric bike uses a Nuvinci continuously variable transmission, or CVT, to let the rider select from a wide range of gearing with pinpoint accuracy. The CVT also means the Delta doesn’t have a derailleur, which helps to streamline the bike and prevents derailments.

Brakes — Tektro Auriga, hydraulic disc

The Evelo Delta electric bike has Tektro Auriga hydraulic disc brakes in the front and rear with 180 mm rotors. These brakes offer huge stopping power and easily shrug off mud and water. The brake levers are adjustable and are equipped with motor inhibitors, which instantly cut power to the motor whenever the brake levers are depressed.

Warranty — 2 year comprehensive, 4 year frame

The Evelo Delta electric bike has a 2 year comprehensive warranty and an extended 4 year warranty for the frame.

Price — Starting at $3,299

Starting at $3,299, the Evelo Delta is considered a high-tier electric bike and it’s components do not disappoint. This machine is truly designed for off-road abuse, and the hydraulic disc brakes, CVT, powerful mid-drive motor, nimble suspension and high top speed ensures it tears up the trails.

Who’s it for — Hardcore mountain bikers

This feels like a good choice for serious mountain bikers who can spend some serious coin to extend their rides even further, or access locations they otherwise just wouldn’t be able to. The Evelo Delta electric bike is the master of the trail and it’s high-end components ensure the rider is able to roll over everything but the Grand Canyon. If you’re looking for an electric mountain bike that can handle punishment, the Evelo Delta is a good pick.

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