2023 Wing Freedom ST Review

The Freedom ST is an affordable, approachable step-through that offers all of the things you love about Wing's bikes, with a sweet step-through design. All Wing bikes shop with a motion alarm, which makes them feel a bit more high-tech than the price tag would make you think. Find out what we think about the Freedom ST in our In-Depth Review.

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Detailed Specs

Price: $1,300
Minimum Range: 20 Miles
Top Speed: 25 Miles Per Hour
Electronics: 316.8Wh Battery, 500W Rear-hub Motor
Suspension: None
Gearing: 7 Speed, Shimano Tourney
Brakes: Unbranded Mechanical Brakes, 180mm Rotors

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Written Review

NEW Freedom ST - An upgrade in the right direction

The Freedom ST is the revamped version of Wing's Freedom ST. There are several improvements to point out early on, and those are:

  • Quieter, more efficient motor
  • Active Brake Lights
  • Higher-level puncture-resistant tires
  • Upgraded saddle
  • Waterproofed controller
  • Upgraded DisplayImproved charge port design
  • Updated seatpost clampImproved brakes
  • Updated BMS system
  • New stem design
  • Sturdier, upgraded fender design
  • Snappier throttle
  • Upgraded Sensor System

So, if you were interested in the older generation ST, you may be excited to see some of those upgrades to the platform.

Now that we know what the improvements are, let's dive into the specs of the Freedom ST!

Motor - Fast enough for some folks

The motor is a Wing-branded, Bafang rear-hub motor that pushes the bike around with 500 watts nominal and gives us 55Nm of torque. 55Nm is on the lower end of the Ebikes we typically review, but this bike is pretty light, just at 40 lbs, so the 55Nm does what we need it to do here. You can reach speeds of 25MPH with pedal assist, and the optional, included throttle, will get you going about 20MPH.

Battery - Consider upgrading to get more miles

There are 3 different battery options from Wing. You can choose between 8.8Ah, 10.4 Ah, and 14Ah. You can expect to add $100 to each level as you go up in capacity. In our opinion, you're better off upgrading to the 14Ah and forking over the additional $200. But that's just our opinion, man. If you go with the 8.8Ah battery, you can expect to get a solid 15-20 miles on the low end, and up to 30 miles on the top end.

Safety - Would be fine for night rides

When it comes to safety, Wing gives us MOST of the things we'd like to see. We get integrated front and rear lights, a horn, fenders, and disc brakes. The lights are decent for what they are. You can't adjust the beam, but they seem to get a decent spread to keep you safe and let other people know where you are. The horn is not obnoxiously loud, but it is loud enough to feel powerful and can be heard from a distance. The fenders are light, but get some good coverage from small rocks and such, keeping them on the road, and not in your eyes. The brakes are disc brakes, but they're mechanical. We'd love to see hydraulic brakes on Ebikes these days, but the ST is a bit lighter and doesn't go terribly fast, so there's not much to complain about in the braking department. The grips have a double-locking mechanism, which is always a nice thing to see! Having a good grip on your Ebike, as you barrel down the street, is always a good idea.

Wing also includes a key fob and alarm system on all their bikes. This is something we're seeing more of in the industry and is an excellent bonus for those that want to deter thieves from riding off with your precious steed.

Ride Feel - More comfortable than you'd think

The ride feel on the ST was probably my favorite of all the Wing bikes we got for testing (and we got them all)! The upright position, paired with the sweptback handlebars, makes this more comfortable than you'd expect, given we don't have any front or rear suspension. The hill climbing here wasn't amazing, but if you're looking for an Ebike to dominate hills, you'll have to broaden your horizons and pocketbook. If you're not worried about hill climbing, then you have plenty of zip to get around the city.

Final Thoughts - Cool vibes, good value for the money

Overall, I liked the ST. It's not perfect for my use case, so I wouldn't buy it for myself, but there are tons of folks out there who are looking for a cool-looking Ebike with decent specs that won't break the bank. For an upgraded battery, you're looking at $1,500, and at that price point, I'd say this is a pretty good value for the money.

Thanks for reading along with us, and we'll catch ya on the next one!

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