Civi Bikes Cheetah electric bike review: Fat tire cruiser with serious power and style


The Civi Bikes Cheetah fat tire electric bike is an incredibly comfortable and stylish cruiser style electric bike with plenty of power and range for those extended rides through the city.

Civi Bikes has several electric bikes to choose from; this one, the Cheetah, is their cruiser style fat tire electric bike and is geared towards comfortable commutes through the city. It borrows from the motorcycle industry in regards to style, and that’s a good thing. This electric bike not only looks amazing, but also performs well and is a true joy to ride.

Power — 750 nominal watts, 1,250 peak watts

The Civi Bikes Cheetah fat tire electric bike has a powerful Bafang geared hub motor with an output of 750 nominal watts and 1,250 peak watts of power, making this a rather powerful cruiser. This motor has 80 Newton meters of torque, which means the Cheetah can quickly reach top speed and climb moderate hills with ease. 

Speed  — 28 mph

The Civi Bikes Cheetah fat tire electric bike has a top speed of 28 mph, which can be reached using the throttle or pedal assist, making this a class 3 electric bike. There is an option to keep adjust the top speed in the settings menu to make the Cheetah a class 2 electric bike. Clipping along at top speed does feel fast, but the wide tires, wide handlebars and overall frame geometry leave the rider feeling in complete control.

Battery and Range — 48 volt 17.5 ah, 40 miles

The Civi Bikes Cheetah fat tire electric bike runs on a 48 volt system and has a massive 17.5 ah battery for an estimated max range of 40 miles with pedal assist. The battery is located on the top tube, which does increase the center of gravity a bit, but the Cheetah still feels pretty well balanced. And since the battery is housed inside a protective gas-tank style case, it’s safe from dirt and debris. 

Pedal assist sensor — Cadence sensor

The Civi Bikes Cheetah fat tire electric bike is equipped with a cadence sensor that measures the rotation of the cranks. Like most cadence sensors, there is some delay from the time the rider starts and stops pedaling to the time the motor activates and deactivates.

Display — LCD

The Civi Bikes Cheetah fat tire electric bike uses a beautiful LCD display located on the center of the handlebars with an independent button pad located on the left of the handlebars. This is a good display with plenty of electronic feedback including speed, distance, battery level, wattage output and more.

Frame and weight — 6061 Aluminum alloy, 76 pounds

The Civi Bikes Cheetah fat tire electric bike has one frame size and weighs in at nearly 76 pounds. The sturdy frame is made from aluminum alloy and the top tube slopes downward to allow the rider to more easily place their feet flat on the ground when at a stop.

Suspension —  Rigid forks

The Civi Bikes Cheetah fat tire electric bike has rigid forks made from steel, which helps absorb some of the vibration from the road. The fat tires also help act as a sort of suspension as they h ave a large air volume that soaks up some of the bumps and jolts from the road. There is no rear suspension on the Cheetah but an aftermarket suspension can easily be added for those riders that want additional shock absorption.

Gearing — Shimano, 7 speed

The Civi Bikes Cheetah fat tire electric bike has a Shimano Tourney derailleur with a 7-speed cassette. It uses a Shimano SIS Index thumb shifter on the right side of the handlebars.

Brakes — Tektro Auriga, hydraulic disc

The Civi Bikes Cheetah fat tire electric bike has Tektro Auriga hydraulic disc brakes in the front and rear with 180 mm rotors. These brakes offer huge stopping power and easily shrug off mud and water. The brake levers are adjustable and are equipped with motor inhibitors, which instantly cut power to the motor whenever the brake levers are depressed.

Warranty — 1 year comprehensive

The Civi Bikes Cheetah fat tire electric bike has a 1 year comprehensive warranty.

Price — Starting at $2,399

Starting at $2,399, the Civi Bikes Cheetah fat tire electric bike enters into the mid tier price point for electric bikes. Civi Bikes also has some additional accessories like a headlight protector, rear rack and tail light, fenders and rear pannier, which would bring the total price up to $2,705. It’s a heft price tag but the Cheetah is a pretty unique cruiser electric bike that looks incredible and performs just as well.

Who’s it for — Cruisers with an eye for style

This feels like a good choice for those who want a cruiser style electric bike that will turn heads wherever it goes and don’t mind paying a premium price for a premium product. The Cheetah can also be used as a commuter — it has plenty of power and battery for it — but keep in mind this is a big bike with a heavy curb weight so storing it indoors might be a bit tricky. Overall, the Cheetah is a great ride and we particularly appreciate the style, hydraulic disc brakes, integrated headlight and fat tires. If you’re looking for a head turner of an electric bike, the Cheetah is a good option.


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