2023 Haoqi Antelope Pro Review

The Antelope Pro has got some juice! With its two batteries, totaling 1,200Wh of capacity, a 500-watt motor, and an affordable price tag of $1,800, this isn't your typical mid-size, fat tire Ebike. Let's dive into the specs, and see if the rest of the Antelope is as exciting as the capacity here.

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Detailed Specs

Price: $1,800
Minimum Range: 40 Miles
Top Speed: 28 Miles Per Hour
Electronics: 1200Wh Battery, 500W Rear-hub Motor
Suspension: Hardtail
Gearing: 7 Speed, Shimano Tourney
Brakes: Unbranded, Mechanical Disc Brakes, 160mm Rotors
Cargo Capacity: 45 Pounds

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Written Review

Today we're checking out the Antelope Pro from HAOQI. It's a fat tire, long-distance machine. There are a few things that HAOQI got right, and a few misses. Let's chat about what those are!

HAOQI offers a competitive 2-year, all-inclusive warranty, which you can check out here. They also offer a 3-year battery replacement, which is pretty dope, considering the average lifespan of most lithium batteries seems to be around the 2-year mark.

Online Ordering & Assembly: Easy-Peasey, squeeze a lemon (that's how that goes, right?)

HAOQI does have a handful of dealers in the US, which can be found on their dealer locator. If you don't live near one, like me, how was the assembly process? Well, pretty straightforward. I've assembled somewhere north of 200 Ebikes in the past few years, so keep that in mind. The assembly process was very typical, with nothing out of the ordinary or extremely difficult. I received all of the necessary things to assemble the Antelope Pro, and it wasn't missing any pieces, which can be a bummer! But, it wasn't a bummer, because I had all the pieces.

Comfort & Ride Feel: Fat tires shine bright, but not hitting rough terrain anytime soon

To start off with a positive statement, it's comfortable. The geometry is geared towards comfort, rather than proper pedal geometry, but most folks who purchase this Ebike, or similar Ebikes, probably don't get too picky when it comes to geometry. It has a nice step-through design, and the measurements here lend themselves to being a great option for a ton of folks. HAOQI claims the recommended rider's height is 5'1" - 6'8", and since I am neither 5'1", nor 6'8", I can't definitively say that's too far off. If I had to guess, and as a reviewer guessing comes with the territory, I'd say this is a bike that would best suit riders 5'4"-6'1". IF we had an adjustable stem, I could see us adding an extra 3-4 inches to that, but out of the box, I don't think 6'8" is in the cards. Do any giants care to comment?

If you just glance at the specs, you'll probably get excited about fat tires, combined with the front suspension. That's what I did. The fat tires were dope, and Mag Wheels are always a good time, but the front suspension didn't really add too much to the ride feel. Sure, a little bit here and there, but overall, I knew that it wasn't much smoother than if we just had the fat tires. I'd rather have it than not, but it's not the holy grail of consumer-level Ebike suspension either.

Utility: You can do quite a bit with the Antelope Pro

We get a rear rack, integrated lights, and full fenders, so anything is possible, as long as it takes place on smoother terrain. The step-through design, and addition of the "commuter requirements" means it's a decent utility vehicle. It would be a decent grocery-getter, or short-distance commuter option, with the ability to do some flat and calm off-roading if required.

Safety: Not too shabby

The integrated lights are a huge plus, right off the bat. They're not incredibly bright, but they get the job done. We don't get any sidewall reflective stripes on the tires, which would have been nice to see. We get a small bell, which is better than nothing, but it isn't something to rely on if you need to get ahold of someone near a busy road.

Braking is probably the top safety thing to consider. The Antelope Pro comes with unbranded mechanical brakes, with 160mm rotors. It's hard for me to look at an Ebike that's nearly $2,000, called the "Pro", and then say the brakes are great. They're fine, they do the job, but with a bike that weighs over 80lbs, going 28MPH, only providing us with mechanical brakes seems to be a bit on the amateur side of things. I'd recommend HAOQI look at upgrading to hydraulic brakes for future versions of the bike.

And briefly here, while we're talking about upgrades, if HAOQI gave us hydraulic brakes, 180mm rotors, gave us locking mechanisms on the grips, and upgraded the front suspension, then we might be looking at a contender for best utility Ebike of the year. Those are a few things to change, but if they did...oh boy.

Power & Performance: Not too agressive, but quick when you want it

The HAOQI Antelope is ready to go fast. The 500-watt motor cranks out 90Nm of torque, and with a smaller wheelbase, this thing COULD be a rip-roaring speed machine. It isn't there quite yet, but with a little controller tweaking, you could have a zippy lil' machine on your hands.

The double batteries are an awesome feature! We get 1,200Wh of capacity between the two batteries, which means we can go fast, and keep doing that for a while. The batteries don't drain at the same time, which we're seeing as common practice on a lot of double-battery bikes these days. They also need to be charged separately. HAOQI does include two chargers, but it would be nice to see a unified electrical system, that could utilize one input to charge both batteries. Once they're fully charged, you should be able to get 50+ miles on a single (double) charge, which puts the Antelope Pro into the long-range category for us.

Closing Thoughts: Close to being a good value Ebike

Overall I think the Antelope Pro is a decent Ebike, that can do quite a few things, things that a lot of you probably would like to do on an Ebike. Is it worth $1,800? I don't think so. Batteries are expensive these days and I'm sure that's adding to a bulk of the price here. If we had some of those changes that I mentioned in the Safety section, then yeah it'd be a great buy at $1,800 all day, every day. But, we'll need to see some of those upgrades before I would say it's a good value for the money.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out what we do around here. If you've had some experience with HAOQI, or the Antelope Pro specifically, we'd love to hear about your experience in the comments below!

We appreciate the continued support and engagement in this growing community, and we'll catch ya on the next one!

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