2023 Hovsco HovAlpha Review

The HovAlpha is an affordable, off-road-ready Ebike that comes in step-over and step-through frame options. We're reviewing the step-though version today, so let's dive into the specs!

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Detailed Specs

Price: $1,700
Minimum Range: 40 Miles
Top Speed: 28 Miles Per Hour
Electronics: 960Wh Battery, 750W Rear-hub Motor
Suspension: Hardtail
Gearing: 7 Speed, Shimano Tourney
Brakes: ZOOM Hydraulic Brakes, 180mm Rotors

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Today we're reviewing the HovAlpha by Hovsco, a budget-friendly eBike, designed to tackle off-road trails while also offering flexibility with its step-over and step-through frame options. In this review, we'll be focusing on the step-through version. Priced at $1,700, let's explore what this 2023 model has to offer.

Performance and Range

The HovAlpha houses a powerful 750W branded rear hub motor that delivers up to 85Nm of torque. This thing was so much fun to ride, I ended up spending WAY too long on the ride test. I mean, I had fun, but feel free to skip around for the best bits. A sizable 960Wh removable battery powers this motor, promising a minimum range of 40 miles. If you keep the PAS low and put in some old-fashioned pedal power, you should be able to reach 55-60 miles pretty easily here! The top speed stands at an impressive 28 MPH, which categorizes it as a Class 3 eBike. Having the torque sensor here was awesome, and the performance off-road was honestly a heckuva lot of fun, and quite surprising, if I'm being honest.

Control and Display

The bike employs a thumb throttle type for easy control and comes equipped with a color LCD for clear visibility of your ride stats. The throttle worked great and the LCD was easy to see in low-light and bright-light conditions.

Frame and Geometry

The HovAlpha has an upright, low-step frame design for easy mounting and dismounting. It has a comfortable standover height of 15 inches and a reach of 20 inches. The sturdy frame is capable of supporting a maximum weight limit of up to 450 pounds.

Suspension and Saddle

The bike's front suspension sports an 80mm travel suspension fork to smooth out rough terrains. However, it lacks rear suspension, which might affect the ride quality over bumpy surfaces. Even though that's the case here, it handled the off-road terrain very well (yes, I'm going to keep talking about how much fun it was on the trails!). The standard saddle adds to the overall comfort but might require an upgrade for extended rides.

Gearing and Brakes

A 7-speed Shimano Tourney gear system powers the HovAlpha, along with Shimano Trigger shifters for seamless and precise gear shifting. No SiS INdex shifters here. And since it just wanted to spend its day in the dirt and rocks, it was nice that we get shifters that don't compromise our riding grip. The bike utilizes ZOOM hydraulic brakes, paired with 180mm rotors, delivering reliable stopping power across various conditions. We'd love to see some other brands here for the brakes, but they worked well, and in our testing they performed really well.

Tires and Fenders

Rolling on 26" wheels, the HovAlpha features robust 4" wide Chao Yang tires, ready to handle various terrains (as you've seen!). Full fenders come as a standard, offering protection against splashes and debris when off-roading or commuting.


The HovAlpha by Hovsco is a solidly built, off-road-ready eBike, boasting excellent features at a competitive price point. It offers a powerful motor, a sizeable battery, robust tires, and multiple comforts and conveniences for riders. The step-through design is an added advantage for those seeking ease of use, or those that might have difficulties mounting a similarly sized bike. While it may lack some premium features like rear suspension, its overall package makes it an attractive option for those venturing into the eBike world or seeking an affordable upgrade.

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